As East Austin Grows, New CrossFit Gymnasiums Pop Up All Over

Long thought of as being on the wrong side of the proverbial tracks, East Austin continues to attract new residents. For many years, the area east of Interstate 35 in Austin was thought of by many residents as one to be avoided, with that highway taking the place of the usual train tracks. More recently though, the area has undergone a transformation of sorts, with new arrivals flocking in every day. Businesses in the area, too, have done an excellent job of accommodating the new reality in East Austin.

For example, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Austin are now making inroads into the city’s east side, bringing that particular approach to fitness to the many people who now choose to live in the area. In CrossFit Austin residents have found a truly satisfying and appropriate way to make the most of their bodies and lives, so these new facilities are especially welcome to the many who now call the area their home.

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One Austin CrossFit gymnasium that recently opened a new location on the east side, for example, found that it had to begin turning away new members soon after opening. With an apparently spacious spot on Pleasant Valley reserved, the gym’s owners had hoped that they would be near to capacity within six months, so the response surprised them in a very pleasant way. Even in such a fitness-conscious city as Austin, those kinds of results are difficult to duplicate in general, a real sign of just how much new activity is going on to the east of I-35 today.

That kind of attention seems likely to persist, too. With CrossFit Austin locals have found a fitness regimen that fits well with the kind of life that so many appreciate in the city. While Austin’s weather is pleasant throughout much of the year, for example, its summers can become undeniably oppressive. CrossFit’s indoor focus means that it makes great sense right around the calendar, however hot it might get outside.

In addition, residents appreciate how CrossFit helps them make the most of their time. CrossFit is all about intensity, meaning that time invested in pursuing it is paid off amply. Instead of spending hours every day slowly working a treadmill, then, locals enjoy shorter, more intense workouts that produce much more in the way of results. As East Austin continues to grow and attract even more new people, it therefore seems like that the number of gyms specializing in this style of workout will do so, as well.


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